MOH3 – Paradise Kiss


Another post brought to you about the MOH3. Today I am not blogging about what I got for free. Today I am blogging about something I bought in one of the stores that I found while on this hunt. That’s what it’s about. It’s about supporting the people that make the content that make us look good InWorld. I was really happy to find the store called Paradise Kiss. They have a really nice selection of clothes for men and women. So couples, get your shop on and get over there.

I grabbed the demo for this sweater when I was on the hunt and tried it on when I got back to my sim. I immediately went right back and bought it. I love the way it’s made and the textures that were used to create this really nice piece. Guys, get this in your wardrobe. We will still have a few cool days that you can wear it.

MOH3 – Get Started

Spyder is Wearing
Hair: Dura Boys & Girsl #42
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Nathan (Tone 03)
Eyes: IKON – Pond
Sweater/Shirt/Tie: Paradise Kiss – Keil Cardigan (Grey)
Jeans: Redgrave – Classic Cut LQMesh


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