MOH3 – Talking Metal

Talking Metal_001

And, the MOH3 continues. There has been quite a network of people helping each other out. You gotta admit. Guys were born to be hunter gatherers. We are naturals at this stuff. Women would find a gift and immediately wonder which shoes, or what color hand bag to wear with it. Not us, Boy! We find a gift, exchange high-fives, howl at the moon, then chug a beer. It’s the way we roll.

Featured today is this really cool shirt from American Bazaar. It has that rough, rugged look about it. The texture on it is very real looking. This top would look great with a pair of shorts and some sandals, or with a pair of jeans and some sneaks. Wait, I mean , someone give me a high-five and a beer….HOOOOWWWWL!

Men Only Hunt 3 – Get Started
American Bazaar – Visit InWorld

Spyder Is Wearing
Cap: Hype – Fitted Hat (NA)
Sunglasses: GOS – Butterfly
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Nathan (Tone 7)
Eyes: IKON – Deep Caramel
Ears: Mandala – Steking
Face Tat: .Pekka – Forehead Cross
Chest Tat: Vestigium – Dia De Los Muertos
Arm Tat: Aitui – Red Series The Bombing
Facial Hair: Nivaro, Fruk, Atro Patena
Face Piercings: .Pekka – Esoteric
Shirt: American Bazaar – Mesh Polo (MOH3)
Jeans: Entente: Au Fait
Watch/Bracelets/Necklace: Mandala
Pose: Pose Maniacs 6Men – 1

American Bazaar


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