WetCat – “A Drift” Couple Swing


So I wake up really early this morning because of issues with a blasted server on our network, and while thing are being sorted out, I log in to Second Life. I get an IM from Jewell Wirefly and she tells me about this really cool swing that a friend of hers has developed for the Home Expo coming up. I ask her to TP and I see her and the designer sitting on this swing. I immediately like the designer because her last name is Silverfall, and she is super cute to go along with that.

This swing has fantastic textures and a wide variety of singles and couples poses. It has a perched seagull with one that flies around the swing. Really clever.  The swing has an impact of 18 prims. It’s a really great piece that will sit on my beach for a long time.

Long story, short. She was nice enough to let Jewell and I have an advanced copy of this really cool swing. It will be available at the expo and here is the link for you when the expo opens.

WetCat Showing at the Home Expo

Spyder is Wearing
Hair: Dura – Boys & Girls #42
Skin: Tableau Vivant – Nathan (Tone 7)
Tat: Zentro – Ancient Egypt Tattoo
Swimming Trunks: FATEwear -Trunks – Spitz (Volcano)
Towel: FATEwear -Towel – Matt (Volcano)
Pose: WetCat  Main Store – “A Drift” Couple Swing


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