DWYN – SAAL Body Inc.


My friend Alon Alphaville has been missing for quite a while. Every time I would IM him, he would tell me he was busy working on a project. Today I got a chance to see what he has been fussing over for months now. He just released a new line of skins, facial hair, hair bases and guyliner. I am proud to say that I bought the very first one. I wish him great success with his endeavor. Nice work, Alon!

See the new DWYN Skins at SAAL Body Inc

Spyder is Wearing
Hair Base:  Unorthodox – Wave black MOH3
Hair: DECO  – Mesh Sloppy Mohawk
Skin: SAAL Body Inc – DWYN (Tone 4)
Eyes: IKON – Pool
Guyliner: SAAL Body Inc – Eyeliner
Ears: Mandala – Steking
Facial Hair: SAAL Body Inc – Biker (black)
Headphones: RO – Megahertz Earphones
Necklace: Mandala – Rushana Necklace
Pose: Eternal Dreams Poses – Male Set by Maxxi 10


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