21 Days of IKON Ascension – Day 4 Brown


IKON has a stall on the #6 floating island at the Numberology event.
A brand new line from IKON called Ascension Eyes made their debut at the show! They are exclusive to Numberology for now, but will come home to the IKON main store after the event ends, June 15. There are over 30 colors out so far, and more are coming soon.

To celebrate the number 6, there is a special Ascension Eyes fatpack called Essential 6, which has the essential eye colors to to go with most realistic skin and hair color combos: Blue, Green, Gray, Hazel, Brown and Glass (a pale, faded blue-green). Get all of them for just 499L!

Spyder Is Wearing
Hat: Argrace – Straw Fedora
Ears: Mandala: Steking
Jacket: Airflow – Highway Star (Brown)
Necklace: RozoRegalia – Gazellver
Pose: Purple Poses – M-80


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